I love Abruzzo


My name is Luigi and I am in love with the region where I live and I grew up .. Abruzzo!

During weekends I like to take my car and discover new places in my land, stop where I want and have that freedom which for me is the most important aspect of a trip and is the reason why I prefer road trips .

Traveling is my passion and organizing trips is my favorite hobby.

It is said that "The expectation of pleasure is itself the pleasure" and for me the organization of a trip is a pleasure almost comparable to the trip.

Since I started with my first trip, planning has become a real hobby and it also allows me to draw up a priority list for my next destinations.




These passions have allowed me to become coordinator for Viaggi Avventure Nel Mondo and have pushed me to create this blog with which I want to share many aspects concerning the travel preparation phase that involves spending several hours working with PC or reading a good guide.

In this blog you will find different itineraries for "on the road" trips that I have studied and in most cases carried out personally!

During the study of the itineraries, moreover, I often come to know of various interesting information and curiosities that are an integral part of the trip and contribute to enriching it.

I think the journey is something fantastic, you can experience indescribable emotions, you meet unique people, you visit unknown places and breathtaking landscapes but above all you live experiences that will remain for life.

Traveling for me is the best way to spend my money with the awareness that something will surely remain in my soul forever.

You Wanna Travel?

Yes, I want