When should I book a flight

Some simple tips to save money on buying a flight


to the internet and the various Smartphone applications, traveling is always easier and cheaper and it often becomes a personal challenge to try to save as much as possible. The cost of the flight is one of the items that most affects the budget of a trip, but there are some simple precautions that allow us to be able to save when booking .

In addition to the ideal time to book, there are also some tricks to follow to get the greatest savings possible.


When booking flight


Ideal time of year to book

The best time of year to book a flight is certainly January , the month in which airlines often launch promotions on their routes. This is the period immediately after Christmas when people are notoriously less likely to spend and it is therefore thanks to substantial discounts that airlines incentivize customers to buy their flights.

>Even September is a time of year when booking a flight can be convenient because it is placed just after the return from summer holidays for millions of tourists and therefore in general, it is early to think about booking the next trip.


Ideal time of year to leave

If you do not have holiday problems, choosing carefully the period in which to leave is definitely a great way to save money, in fact, there are some months of the year in the low season where leaving is particularly convenient both for flights and for reservations hotel.

Probably not everyone is inclined to leave in periods when the weather conditions of the place of destination are not optimal, but with a little luck you can still be able to save money and enjoy the trip. Statistically, in fact, the winter months are the best ones to leave and in particular November and February.


How far in advance to book

Booking in advance is not always synonymous with savings! It is certainly better to book in advance than to do it in the last few days, but anticipating too much time does not always save.

The best time to book a flight also depends on the destination, if this is very popular and in a peak season, then you will hardly see the rates go down, rather it is likely that they will rise.

For less popular destinations or periods, the possibility of seeing prices drop up to a few weeks before departure is very likely therefore in these cases the advice is to constantly monitor the rates and rely on the advice of the various comparators who, thanks to the continuous data and regressed experiences, manage to suggest the time when it is convenient to buy the flight before the inevitable rise in price begins.

However, statistics reveal that on average for domestic flights it might be convenient to buy about 5 weeks in advance, while for continental flights around 9 weeks. As for intercontinental flights instead, the recommended advance is 5 months.


What time to book

It may seem strange but also the time of day when booking can be essential to save money. Airlines often tend to change flight prices even during a day, aware that in the morning there is more demand and consequently it is less convenient to buy, while in the evening it is possible to tear a better price than the morning of the same day.


Which day of the week to book

When booking a trip you often wait for the weekend because you have more time available to study and maybe compare the various rates, but it is not always the right choice as Saturday and Sunday are the days when there is more demand and the prices increase therefore it is always a good idea to carve out some time during the week to be able to find excellent rates.

From a study carried out by several price comparison companies, the absolute best day to book is Tuesday.


Departure time

Choosing an "inconvenient" departure time or in the time slot that goes from 11pm to 06am can be a way to save something on the ticket price and actually may not even be uncomfortable for your needs because, starting in this time slot, you could better optimize your time and when you travel it is definitely a huge advantage.


Take advantage of offers and discounts

Regardless of the best time to buy, there are offers and discounts that can save you a lot on buying a ticket.

  • Miles collection: all companies now, to retain their customers, make it possible to accumulate travel miles or a sort of points collection that allows you to obtain discounts and other important advantages
  • New routes: periodically airlines, especially low cost ones, offer new routes to customers and in the early days to sponsor them, they offer very advantageous rates
  • Discount codes: as often happens in the world of e-commerce, airlines also provide discount codes to be applied to fares, just look for them!


Tricks when booking

  • Delete cookies: a good rule to follow when periodically monitoring the fares of a particular flight is to clear the cache of your browser so as not to let the site with which you are going to look for a flight know in advance (through cookies) we have already checked that route as the price may rise
  • Book individually even if you are in a group: when there is a need to book for a group of people it is certainly easier to do it with a single booking but you must know that the applied rate will be the highest for all and any discounted tickets will not be applied so, book individually or in small groups could be convenient and possibly share the savings obtained within the group